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Key Features

Immediate Splash Page
We get you online immediately! As soon as we
receive your logo a temporary 1-page website will go live at your web address with your contact
details, colours and logo.


Create Pages
With TightPage, you can create new pages in minutes. In fact, you can create as many pages as you like! With the built-in rich text editor, updating and formatting text is easy.


Insert Images
Don't worry about converting and resizing images for your website -TightPage does it all for you! Adding images to your web pages is easy.


Upload Files
TightPage allows you to upload all sorts of files to your website. From PDFs to Excel and Word documents, you will love how easy it is to share files with your staff and customers.


Create Links
Links are important on the web. TightPage makes it easy to link your pages to other websites or other places in your website. Just type it in and click "Update".


Training Package
You don'tneed to be a geek witha PHD to use TightPage. Anyone can learn thesystem in less than an hour with our easy-to-follow training package.

RSS Feed RSS Feeds
TightPage makes content easy! Don't write your own,
feed someone else's content into your website. This
could include your favourite blog or news website.


Drop-down Menus
Windows-style drop-down menus are available on all TightPage packages, allowing users to easily navigate through your website. The menu updates automatically when you create or remove a page.


Online Forms
With the included contact  form layouts you can customise some fields and gather extra detail like addresses.


User Management& Tracking
Assign unique passwords to your staff and they can keep your websiteup-to-date. TightPage keeps track of who creates and updates every page.


Search Engine Ready
TightPage has the latest search engine technology built-in to ensure that you get superior search engine placement without lifting a finger. We also submit your website to all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN.


Website Usage Statistics
Track and analyse your website visitors, find your most popular pages and search words. We set you up with a Google Analytics account so you can access the performance of your online marketing strategy.


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Available with Professional, Advanced and Premier packages:

Professional Website Design
No templates allowed! First, we'll work with you to define a design brief. Then one of our graphic designers will create a custom design that fits your business.

Photo Gallery
Get those photos online! A photo gallery is a great way to captivate your website visitors. The TightPage system provides an easy way to upload all your photos.

Vertical Sub-Menus
For content-heavy websites TightPage can be structured to display persistent sub-menus to allow for better usability. This ensures your website visitors can easily navigate through your website.

Available with Advanced and Premier Package only:

Add member pages, private pages, staff pages or any other pages that require login details. This has a plethora of applications from disseminating staff rosters and news, to assigning premium content to members.

Product Catalogue
Does your business have lots of products? With this tool, you'll have all those fabulous products online in no time. The display of your product catalogue has been optimised using Get Started's vast experience building custom product catalogue websites.

Search Box
Allow visitors to quickly find what they are looking for on your site with a super-fast search feature. With TightPage it is all included!

Available with Premier Package only:

Cart & Order Management System
The TightPage ecommerce system gives your business the power to sell online.
With the in-built shopping cart and ordering system, you will be ableto process payments real-time and track orders as they come through.
We will set you up with your choice of payment gateway—Camtech or PayPal—and secure your online store with a 128-bit SSL certificate.