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About TightPage

What is it?

TightPage is a revolutionary, yet affordable content management system (CMS) designed specifically for intelligent business people who understand that a professionally designed online presence can add tremendous value to their business.

However, TightPage is not just a comprehensive CMS, it is a total solution for your professional online presence, including:

  • Project management
  • Custom graphic design
  • Best-of-practice W3C web standards
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Enterprise-grade technology (Microsoft SQL Server & ASP)
  • Search Engine Optimization

Why was TightPage developed?

Get Started, the innovator behind TightPage, has been a leading developer of SME websites since 1999. Recent refinements in web development technology have made it possible for less-experienced businesses and individuals to promote themselves as 'professional web developers'. By taking a 'lowest possible cost' approach, these amateur developers have destabilized the pricing and quality of the marketplace through:

  • Using design templates
  • Ignoring usability standards
  • Not providing users the ability to update content
  • Poor understanding of Search Engine Optimization

Most of Get Started's competitors have found it too inefficient to compete with this wave of low-cost, low-quality competitors and have abandoned the 'micro' market.

Get Started instead challenged itself to plan, develop and implement a new web development platform that would meet these R&D objectives:

  • Support completely custom design (unique colours, menu, layout, etc.)
  • Include full content management (user able to add/remove pages, images and other content through a simple interface)
  • Produce world-class, page specific search engine optimisation for all sites without specific development or user training.
  • Require less than 1 hour training for an average new user
  • Be profitably sold and implemented (including project team with a project manager and graphic designer)

Get Started has thus achieved something no other web company has done before.

 About Get Started

Get Started specialises in the design and development of browser interface systems such as intranets, extranets and websites. The company has also succeeded in developing solutions involving Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), enterprise-scale ERP systems and other online business system.

The Get Started philosophy is simple - provide the best solution for the client and ensure everyone in our team is doing what they enjoy, and are capable of. Our clients must love their web site, and our team must love what they do.

For more information about Get Started and our other products and services, visit our website